What’s the Big Idea? Three Keys to Discovering the Nonfiction Book Within You


Have you found the “big idea” you want to write about?  In this Master Class we’ll explore how to develop a nonfiction book project that will resonate with readers. We’ll look at the three central keys to keep in mind as you create your book project:

  1. What’s the Big Idea? Define your passion, size up the competition, and identify a gap in the market that your book can fill.

2. Are You an Author with Authority? Take stock of the personal experience and professional expertise in your life portfolio.

3. Why Should Readers Buy Your Book? Identify the benefits and rewards your book will give to readers.

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“Mark has the gift of combining excellent insight with astute business sense. Before coming to him, I’d published four novels at mainstream houses. Mark helped me apply what I knew to nonfiction, an entirely new market, and structure a book proposal that landed the first agent who read it.  In addition to his dedication and talents, Mark is also a delight to work with!”
Stephanie Kane, author of  Blind Spot and Quiet Time

 “I want to thank the Universe for my editor, Mark Chimsky, one of the most balanced, joyful, and rewarding people to work with on the planet.”
– Beryl Bender Birch, author of the best-selling
Power Yoga

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