You’ve Come to the Write Place!

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As an editor with over 30 years of experience at top publishing houses, I believe that what the artist and sculptor Michelangelo once said about his own work applies to all writers, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free.” 

I want to help you set free the books that are within you.

I’m passionate about editing.

I feel a rush of joy every time I help a writer clearly express exactly what he or she wants to say.

How may I be of editorial help to you?  Choose the options that suit your writing needs!

Manuscript evaluation and consultation of your project

Writing coaching to get you started or keep you going

Edit your novel or work of nonfiction

Guide you in developing and writing your book proposal

Give you feedback on your articles, short stories, poetry, and other writings

Assess and edit your show bible for TV

Write a query or cover letter for your book project

Develop an outline for your book

Brainstorm book ideas with you

Strategize and offer you advice about self-publishing opportunities

If you don’t see what you you had in mind here, let’s talk.

If you are ready to start – or complete – your writing project, and you’d like feedback to help you on your writing journey – then please get in touch with me by clicking here.

I’d love to speak with you about what would be just right for you!



“Mark—Thank you for all your help and guidance on my autobiography.”

Johnny Cash, author of
CASH: An Autobiography