Perfecting Your Pitch: Crafting a Badass Query Letter


Can you describe your book in thirty seconds or less?

Many writers find it challenging to convey the central premise of their book in an effective sentence or two.  In my thirty-plus years in publishing, I’ve read thousands of pitches, and I’ve seen how a pitch can make – or break – a book.

In this Master Class we’ll discuss the secrets to creating a dynamic pitch that will persuade agents and editors to want to read your book!

We’ll discuss the four key aspects of a winning pitch:

  1. Personalize Your Intro: Who are you writing to – and why?
  1. Capture the Essence of Your Book (in 30 Seconds or Less): Get down to the bare essentials.
  1. Capitalize on Your Strengths: What are your selling points as an author?
  1. Seal It with the Ask – The Big Finish: Restate why are you writing this letter.

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 “I’ve been writing professionally for twenty years now and Mark Chimsky is one of the top two editors I’ve ever worked with. I appreciate his professionalism, his understanding of what it means to be an editor, and his complete willingness to give himself to the project he’s working on.”
Best-selling author Melody Beattie

“We worked with Mark Chimsky from February, 2002 until July, 2003. During that time, he was our editorial consultant. Mark helped us conceptualize, structure, and write a first-rate book proposal that our agent loved, and Warner Books bought within six weeks of receiving it.”
Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, authors of the best-seller, Working with You Is Killing Me

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