Welcome, Writers…

Mark Chimsky

Writing can be a lonely business –
I know, I’m a writer, too.

Often,  writers feel that the publishing process is shrouded in mystery…as if there’s an insider code that they don’t know how to crack.

  • “How do I put together a book proposal?” 
  • “What makes a manuscript marketable?” 
  • “What should I say in a query letter?”

As a writer, I am particularly sensitive to the needs of the clients I work with. I understand that as an editor, it’s my job to  bring out the best in writers, to show them what they’re doing well – and what they can do to enhance their work so it’s “ready for prime time.”

During my career as a high-level publishing executive, I ran top imprints at HarperCollins (where I was Johnny Cash’s editor on his memoir, Cash), Little, Brown, and Macmillan. I want to demystify the publishing process for you and help you edit and refine your project so that it has its best chance for success in the marketplace.

If you’re committed to making your book project all that it can be and you’re looking for an editor with extensive experience to help you take it to the next level, then contact me here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

MARK CHIMSKY, hailed by The Nation as “an esteemed and gifted editor,” is a leading editorial consultant with extensive experience as a publishing executive and head of major imprints at HarperCollins, Little, Brown, and Macmillan. He provides authors with the expertise they need to develop and refine their projects.