Jumpstart Your Novel: How to Get on Track and Stay There

Writing a novel can be an exhilarating journey — but you want to make sure you don’t get derailed along the way. 

This Master Class will show you how to get your fiction project moving and sustain it for the long haul.

We’ll cover the importance of knowing your target readership, building a plot with high-stakes conflict, creating relatable characters, and more!

  1. Define Your Target Audience: Who are your readers?

2. Build Dramatic Conflict: The higher the stakes, the better!

3. Make Your Characters Relatable: Who will your readers want to identify with – and why?

4. Write Dialogue that Works: It’s not just what your characters say, but how they say it

5. Bring Your Novel to Life with Description: Success is in the details

6. Create an Identifiable Voice: What’s the personality of your narrative voice?

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Mark Chimsky has been an ideal editor—challenging, encouraging, and helpful during each step of the process.”
Joseph Bailey, author of The Speed Trap

 “Mark quickly turned into an incredibly empowering writing coach and helped me elevate my writing and my book to a much deeper and more expansive level.”
Greg Drambour, spiritual teacher and shamanic healer, and author of  The Woodstock Bridge and the new book project The Shaman & His Daughter